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Please make sure you entered correct data about sender and receiver information to avoid any delays in the collection time and declare correctly what is inside the parcels. Take note that we are responsible for Customs clearance in the destination country except the customs duty charges.

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By providing telephone numbers we're able to keep you (and the recipient) up to date with free SMS alerts on some services.

Please make sure the quality of your printed label is of a high standard to aid barcode scanning and reading.

If you have any problems at any stage of your order then please contact us.

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IMPORTANT: If you do not specify a full itemised breakdown of your parcel(s) contents, it's likely to get held by customs or returned to you at additional cost. Please provide an accurate breakdown by adding each item separately then clicking 'new row'.

Note that a summary is not sufficient - for example you need specify separate lines for "shorts" and "t shirt" rather than just one line with "clothes".

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